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Dragon Age 2 plate armor concept by VilleK - Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen - CGHUB

Blade knight.

Warrior with amazing swords: swords with axes as the crossguard, vambraces with blades on them - this guy is armed to the teeth!

"Brother Korrus. An odd one, but an incredible shot"

"Brother Korrus. An odd one, but an incredible shot"

Beidh mé ag seasamh do mo dhia. Beidh mé ag troid do mo mhuintir, bás do mo dhaoine, shábháil mo dhaoine ó olc

quarkmaster: “ The Knight Vladimir Buchyk ” Some inspirational art for gaming. Make sure to check out the artist’s page.

Pathfinder: Deserter by on @DeviantArt

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