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Rollers, 1971 ?  ... Being a teen surfer-dude during this age in Americana, I now admit to never having been quite sure what this giddy-up was. So, for now .."Rollers" is simply my safest and bestest guess.  Some mysteries can linger for 40 years, or longer.
peacock fascinator tutorial - by wedding bee #millinery #judithm #hats
street style outfit idea top + ripped jeans

30+ Best Outfit Ideas To Try Right Now

Hated this class in highschool but I meet some great people.About Anniversary Gregg Shorthand - Gregg Shorthand
Ironing hair...we really did this!
brush rollers and net.  Honestly I still have dents in my head from these things & the plastic picks!
School photos from the 1960s Looks like trinity buck
Little Golden Books and other children's books of my brothers' and mine
This looks just like what we wore!!! Inclusing the knee sox and hair ribbon.
Kitschy 1970s Kitchen