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Women in the late '60s and early '70s couldn't take their eyes off of Elvis's showstopping dance moves, or Priscilla's voluminous coiff.

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Latter half of - High school girl, big hair (lots of Aqua Net hairspray, bell sleeves, white/neutral lipstick, white nail polish. "Yearbooks are full of pictures like this one.

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During the years prior to their marriage, Elvis and Cilla would play out their sexual fantasies by Elvis taking numerous photos/movie images of Cilla posing in white lingerie; while he remained clothed. Elvis kept them in a locked brief case at Graceland; which was later given to Cilla by Joe E.upon her arrival at Graceland after Elvis died. They were never spoken of again!

Priscilla 1967 supposedly photographed by Elvis, . This is model Kristen Stewart. ( Priscilla's head p/s.