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Opening The Throat Chakra: How Expressing Your True Self Can Change Your Life

Opening The Throat Chakra: How Expressing Your True Self Can Change Your Life (Daily Cup of Yoga)

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. Meyer It can be argued that your throat chakra is one of the most essential of all, connecting and bringing

Love - Make yourself the right person to walk into someone else's life  #Love, #RightPerson

Dont wait for the right person to walk into your life. Make yourself the right person to walk into someone elses life.

Socrates, considered as one of the founders of Western philosophy, was once named the wisest man on earth by the Oracle of Delphi. When…

25 Illustrated Ideas That Could Change Your Life

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Basic knowledge about your chakras and how to open them. Text from "Avatar - the last airbender" loved that this was in a kids movie!

Chakras. ❤

Chakras for beginners - Easiest explanation ever for the Seven chakras

Chakras (literally ‘wheels’ in Sanskrit) are spinning energy centers or vortices of the body according to Yogic, Tantric and Buddhist philosophy. They symbolize the infinite rotation of energy. Chakras are a part of the subtle body and cannot be physicall

1 Yama-Auto reposacabezas 2 Niyama-Cómo comportarse en el mundo y con los otros 3 Asana-movimiento dentro de nuestro templo 4 Pranayama-Conexión con nuestra fuerza vital...; nuestra respiración 5. desapego Pratyahara-consciente 6. Dharana-El estudio de la mente 7. Dhyana-Contemplación 8. bienaventuranza unificado Samadhi-Indescriptible

Yoga Tree

8 Limbs of Yoga Yama- Self restraints Niyama- How to behave in the world and with others Asana- movement within our temple Pranayama- Connection to our life force; our breath Pratyahara- mindful detachment Dharana- Studying the mind Dh

Bluefluke, the author of the Psychonaut Field Manual, continues his new comic series with the second part of his two-part guide to Opening the Third Eye!

Excellent comic book guide on how to open your third eye, enter trance states and do magick, by the incredibly talented Archtraitor Bluefluke!

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