when girls go wild - 1968 style

When not wearing their bedroom slippers outside, Inez and Second Cousin Bernice, liked to stash them inside of Minnie's beehive.

When Eddy went, Johny came

Inez's prom photo was a tad disappointing. If only she'd straightened mom's photo and watered the other creeper.

Everything was wonderful until the girls realized _those dots on Cindy's leg were spider eggs.then there was the screaming.and the flailing of arms.

They Say THIS Surprising Look Was All The Rage In The 1960s. I Had No Idea – Incredible!

The Incredible History Behind Big Hair: From Coke-Can Curls To Beautiful Bouffants

Miss Ginger

Miss Ginger

Inez did not see a problem drinking alone. In the kitchen. Wearing a corsage.

a REAL Happy Housewife! somebody's aunt Virginia circa Schlitz and a corsage!