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Wayne Cochran,  his band was Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders. Great band. Great hair.

San Francisco motorcycle police briefly tried the 'Hair Helmet' - but it was no good over

Wrap around hair style blends into turtleneck so that it appears she is being strangled by her hair.

Rockin' that TUFF pompadour kerchief & the shiny jacket just right

Inez knew that she should never watch Star Trek right before going to the hairdresser, but she always did it anyway.

Everyone felt that although the look wasn't for everyone, Nate could really pull it off...

A player for the guys team. Who is this back-lit Lothario? He's ready to share his cocaine with the right lady.

Bill was getting concerned about the ever increasing bills from Never Too High hair salon

When I was a kid they did little girls hair just like old lady hair --- proof.

Un botijo en el (peinado de) Eden (botijo 1682) | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

Barbara Eden (Born: Barbara Jean Moorhead - August 1931 - Tucson, AZ, USA) as Jeannie on "I Dream of Jeannie"