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Hairless cat.

Minskin - If you think that the Munchkin is unusual enough then you would be surprised to know that this cat breed is even smaller. This breed is relat.

Sphynx Cat Breed - Love the marking and those green eyes (with a hint of blue).  Cute kitten.

Caring For Cats and How To Take Care Of Cats With Love And Attention.

Have you met any of these hairless cat or dog breeds? This is why they don’t have fur.

blue sphynx kitten.... i think i can now call myself a "cat" person... if you can even call them that =} new goal... OWN ONE!

blue sphynx kitten- I would totally get one of these just so I could name him gremlin, goblin, oger, or troll, or Dobby!

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Hairless cat wearing a yellow sweater? Most random thing of the day!

ahhh cute baby

The Canadian Hairless cat, also known as the Sphinx cat, is a beautiful breed. I love their dainty paws and enormous eyes.

The BamBob breed is identical to the Bambino cat - which is a hairless cat that carries the gene for short legs - but they also have a short bobtail. The breeder created the cats for people who have allergies to fur

Cat lovers rejoice! New Sphynxiebob and Bambob breeds revealed

New Cat Species: Meet The Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob