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Fipsi Seilern's Classical Portraits On Show at Muxima in Bow, London

Julia Margaret Cameron 1891

"A Dalmatian Maid", taken in is a portrait of Christina Spartali, a neighbor to Cameron on the Isle of Wight

Annie Chinery Cameron by Julia Margaret Cameron, England, 1869-70. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Annie Chinery Cameron

"Study of Beatrice Cenci", (model - Cameron's niece May Prinsep), 1866.  Beatrice Cenci, the daughter of a Roman count, lived in Florence during the late 1500s. After Beatrice conspired with her mother and brother to have her father killed, the trial brought to light his cruelty.  Although the story won public sympathy, the family was nonetheless executed. Cameron was fascinated by this true story and made several photographic studies based on it.

The Victorian Revolutionary of Photographic Portraiture

Julia Margaret Cameron, Beatrice, 1866 Julia successfully captured the model's facial features while stimulating an emotion of forlornness. The sepia filter better evokes this emotion with its warmth, as opposed to harsher contrast of black and white.

Julia Margaret Cameron - 'Julia my Niece as an Antique', 1864. Portrait of Julia Jackson, mother of Virginia Woolf. Via L'aquoiboniste

Julia Margaret Cameron - 'Julia my Niece as an Antique', Portrait of Julia Jackson, mother of Virginia Woolf.

Julia Margaret Cameron - 1815-1879

British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron has been described as one of the Finest portraitists of the nineteenth century-in a.

Florence Fisher by Julia Margaret Cameron, England, 1872. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Florence [Fisher]

Opvallend modern portret van Camerons achternichtje, Florence Fisher, 1872 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Julia Margaret Cameron Photography

Julia Margaret Cameron Photography for sale. Portrait of Sir John Herschel Hardinge Hay Cameron, Beatrice by Julia Margaret Cameron.


Cassiopeia by Julia Margaret Cameron. Medium: Albumen silver print from glass negative;

Julia Margaret Cameron was a 19th century photographer who took pictures of some of the most famous men of her time–Alfred Lloyd Tennyson and Charles Darwin to name a few. At times, she would ask them to sit for up to 6 hours so that she could...