Plan presentation drawing

Landscape Design: Big Ideas for Your Landscape

A stunning landscape doesn't have to be filled with a wide array of plants. Use a design such as this, which features a hedge, lawn, and handful of trees, to keep your yard simple and elegant.

Design ideas for long narrow gardens

Nice plan for a long narrow garden. A Life Designing: Garden Design Ideas - Long, Narrow Garden, Woking, Surrey

Small lawn rests the eye and balances reflecting pool (Town House North West London by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design).

A small area of garden to soften the look - under the window would give a nice street view; by the hedge/railings would give you a view - and then the rest can be left to resin for cars.

Curvilinear Preliminary Design:

Feb 21 Curvilinear Preliminary Design

About a year ago I did a series of posts that showcased three parts of the design process. For those that struggle with how to start their landscape design this process is amazing. The idea is to arrange your spaces conceptually with bubbles, move thos

Tuin met breedte- en lengte as, Goutum. Ontwerp 2000 IJsbrand Maaskant

Well designed whole property garden plan with cleverly inset deck planters, varied spaces and interesting paving.

Long and narrow garden plan with interesting variety of overlapping paving materials.

Long and narrow garden plan with interesting variety of overlapping paving materials.

Mit einem mediterranen Garten holen Sie sich ein Stück südlichen Flair nach Hause. Für die Pflanzen wichtig ist dabei eine sonniger Lage. Dann lädt auch ein kleiner Sitzplatz aus polygonalen Natursteinplatten zum Sonnenbad ein. Mediterrane Kräuter wie Lavendel, Salbei, Rosmarin und Thymian verströmen die Düfte der Provence. Die Blüten des Kugellauchs, der Fackellilie und weiterer Stauden sorgen für kontrastreiche Blühaspekte. Als Strukturgeber darf natürlich eine Säulenzypresse nicht fehlen.


Mediterranen style garden with structure from an Italian cypress and a box ball, scents of herbs like lavender, rosemary and sage and flowers of alliums, Echinacea and kniphofia.