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The texture of the yolk inside your hard-boiled egg is everything — so whether you like yours runny or as firm as can be,  there's a time rec for your preference. See more at Greatist »

10 Charts That Will Make You a Better Cook

Hard boiled eggs

How to Boil an Egg PerfectlyHow does an over-cooked egg with a rubbery white and a grey ring around the chalky yolk sound? Here is the way to boil an egg perfectly: no breakage, a firm but tender white and a soft creamy yolk.

Perfect eggs

Great to have on hand when hard boiling for deviled eggs or soft boiling eggs for ramen. Tip: Use eggs that are about a week old.

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The Key to Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs  Each and Every Time!

Though one of the most basic cooking skills, cooking hard boils eggs continues to be a challenge for many. So come see the key to perfect hard boiled eggs!

Soft-set eggs with soldiers are a Sunday morning essential: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-boil-egg-perfectly … #howto #masterclass

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