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On my bucket list i would love to go on a cruise

I've enjoyed several cruises. Even kidnapped my best friend and surprised her with a cruise. And last year took my Mom on an all expense paid cruise.

ride in a helicopter #bucketlist

ride in a helicopter #bucketlist

I've always wanted to do this

Bucket list: visit a chocolate factory to see how my favorite sweet treats are made!<<I went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory :)

Well, not in the middle of no where but somewhere safe lol.

Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere - Things to do before I die - Bucket List

Mattress Surfing! Cool! I'm sure I would be able to do that! Totally on my bucket list!

Bucket list - Mattress Surfing like in princess diaries! I have wanted to do this since the first time I watched princess diaries

Bucket list

Visit Rome, art, food and culture, attractions.Discover the recommended places to go and things to do, Rome travel guide.

Attend a cooking class

Bucket list: attend a cooking class. I know it seems kind of silly to have a cooking class on my bucket list, but it's jus one of those things I have yet to experience.


Project: I have always wanted to travel in a limo. It's cool because people always are fascinated by who is in the limo. I would want to go in a limo with friends. It would be a lot of fun!

Been there done that. But I️ can do it again

Been there done that. But I️ can do it again

Go on an African Safari. Before I die. Bucket list.

Go on an African safari + see the "big (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino)

Before I die ... I'll have a perfect butt and boobs and 6 pack abs

Starting tomorrow I'll try to live a more healthy life, and I hope to have my dream body one day.

8 must-see destinations in Alaska by cruise ship  Cruise passenger Steve Trabun has sailed through Alaska's Inside Passage three times. And he can't wait to go again.  http://www.latimes.com/travel/cruises/la-tr-cruise-20150215-story.html (READ)

What to see in Alaska: 8 must-see destinations by cruise ship

Cruise passenger Steve Trabun has sailed through Alaska& Inside Passage three times. And he can& wait to go again.