Chances are you'll never know my true feelings about anyone or anything and that's a fact ;)


I'm really bad it when I'm face to face but I can explain my feelings well when I'm writing or texting it so .

I clean it and it never stays that way.

Can we talk about this? I mean I understand not keeping your room clean but, a baby head on your night stand?

I think it's supposed to be saying "my life is so much more ." but yep

This Is ME

Except for the accident prone and tune people out.this describes me perfectly.

I'm easily frustrated | #andthatswhoiam #andthatswhoiamtumblr #andthatswhoiamtumblrposts

I'm easily frustrated with people that don't use their brain, or when I can't figure things out on my own.and that's who I am.