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“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reason to stay.” DalaiLama So True give them that and

I hope you enjoyed being center of attention when you lived here. Have you thought about your nephews wife's family who lived across the country? Of course not! It had to be all about you.  My Mom can tell you the heartache of not seeing family when she wants. She can say Especially painful when she doesn't see her daughter. That's what happens when you live far away. Not once has,my mother gotten hurt or  jealous that your nephew and his wife took 7 years to visit while seeing you…

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Make memories

So true.whether it's camping or fishing or throwing a football or reading a book with your children.They'll remember those things, not TV programs!


Its not only hell on us, but the kids too. They are constantly manipulated and emotionally molested

P!nk = sensitive + tough

The people with the biggest hearts put up the biggest walls.we have the biggest hearts to protect.

Three Things Wall Plaque

Three Things Wall Plaque Hang this wall art for a simple daily reminder of the good things in life. With a rustic-chic antiqued finish, it's a charming way to jazz up the family room.

I wish....

Wouldn't it just. Primitives by Kathy 'Wouldn't Life Be Perfect' Box Sign

so romantic

musky clouds holding all the pain in.until an unlit chill pass through.as the shadowy night falling over.there it waits till everyone is fast asleep. and finally in dim silence it weeps the pinching pain