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Thorin taking photos with iPhone. Oh my gosh, I find this way more adorable than it actually is. *fangirling*

Richard Armitage taking pictures of New Zealand with his iPhone. Very classy, Richard.

The Hobbit: "I remember having The Hobbit read to me in school ... and then going home and sitting with it by myself--without being told. It was the first time I picked up a book and couldn't put it down." Richard Armitage (Thorin)

The Hobbit, Richard Armitage (Thorin) I love when actors started out as fans

The Hobbit--Snow White got gypped---No kidding. Yes, I pinned even with the spelling error. See? I'm evolving! :-)

Snow White got gypped

Dwarfs, Hot Dwarves, Fili And Kili, Richard Armitage Funny, Snow White

1148851_173925549460340_1637385262_n.png photo by hearnec

It's the top photo really jimmy land Richard line what

The amount of research and thought he accumulates to create his characters...uses so much of his energy, yet we benefit. Thanks, Richard♥

Richard Armitage giving his all and understanding his memorable character Thorin The Hobbit

❝Then Bilbo turned away, and he went by himself, and sat alone wrapped in a blanket, and, whether you believe it or not, he  WEPT until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse. He was a kindly little soul.❞ —The Hobbit.

Go back to your books, and your armchair. Plant your trees, watch them grow.

Thorin Oakenshield.

Thorin-Oakenshield-richard-armitage- "There is one I could folow. There is one I could call King.