Annie Leibovitz | Want photo like this with my Mother before wedding!

Blythe Danner said that while she was holding her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow for this photo that she came to tears because it had been so long since she held her little girl like that - so still.

Tom, Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes. one of the most adorable pictures ever taken

Welcome to the world, Suri Cruise! Holmes delivered baby Suri in April Those eyes! Ladies and gents, introducing the world's finest TomKat production

Lucy Liu - the inspiration behind new Intrepid agent Elizabeth Reigns Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Lucy Liu by Annie Leibovitz. This black and white contrast looks really good.this picture makes lucy liu stand out so well because of how much space she has and it just attracts your eyes towards her direction

Mãe e filha

Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother Blythe Danner by Annie Leibovitz. This is such a beautiful portrait because it highlights the beauty in both mother and daughter. Gwen's closed eyes really draw you in to her mother.

Кейт Мосс снялась для обложки Vogue вместе с 13-летней дочерью    Звездные дети   Кейт Мосс снялась для обложки Vogue вместе с 13-летней дочерью         Айна Прэстон         3504    7 июня 2016, 10:14  Кейт

Kate Moss and Lila Grace offer a chic mother-daughter perspective in Pre-Fall 16 on the cover of Vogue Italia - June Stylist - Joe McKenna Photo - Mario Sorrenti Talents - Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace

Sparus and Luminous hybrid twins - extremely rare and most likely would be sold for money

Title: The Sealed Room Magazine: Rodeo Fall 2011 Models: Kamila Filipcikova, Ilva Hetmann, Maud Welzen Photographer: Julia Hetta Stylist: Tekla Knaust

Young Blood: Toshinao Kumakura | Fashion, Photography | HUNGER TV

Photographer Toshinao Kumakura and stylist Thomas Sele collaborate on a womenswear shoot for our Young Blood series.

(right to left) Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

❥ Beauty and Acting Runs in the Family - Favorite Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson movies