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The Paper Wall

Extron Design Services– an Australia based contract design and electronic design service provider company.

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AI Helps Humans Best When Humans Help the AI - Artificial intelligence has come a long way. But as virtual digital assistants proliferate they often need a non-digital assist. The post AI Helps Humans Best When Humans Help the AI appeared first on WIRED.

Can artificial intelligence create the next groundbreaking material?

The future is upon us - robot kitchens are here. Moley Robotics have trained a robot to make chef-quality meals for you.


It's called The Oracle --- a room dedicated to observe missions, interact and support agents, a hive of hard-working men and women who are lead by Antoni Moreno . But what lies behind the good intentions of a well organized operation?

This is it. The last medicine that is left in the world. Just one pill costs 999,999,999, but the price is still increasing. Most people only have 100,000,000 these days. That's usual money. Just another thing stating that the world is ending, and that only the strong survive. Don't try to sneak in, though. The invisible lasers almost killed me my first time. And I was very lucky to get out alive...

Andrea - 23 years old) Leaving the lab was extremely hard, because these people have been my family since I was a teenager, in university and needing a job. I could find work anywhere, but I couldn’t find a family anywhere else.

"But I've got better luck in my head; we're just ghosts inside my bed." -This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko

MOTHERBOARD- largest, most important circuit board in the computer, contains the cpu, where most processing takes place

ancient-serpent: “  Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, UK ”

ever loved the smell of a library. antica biblioteca in legno, ho sempre amato l'odore delle librerie

Why your brain makes you slip up when anxious: The brain network system that causes us to stumble and stall identified -- ScienceDaily

high technology printed circuit board with glowing LED lights Stock Photo

Ultrasonic Generator Circuit (Ultrasonic Circuit Board,Ultrasonic Generator PCB) is a cost effective method to provide an ultrasonic frequency to drive the ultrasonic transducers to perform an ultrasonic cleaning application.