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Fine Motor Skills Development with 50 Cool DIY Toys-  on Lalymom

50 COOL DIY Toys for Fine Motor Skills Development

Here are 50 cool DIY Toys that promote Fine Motor Skills Development! These toys can be made using recyclables, household items and craft supplies.THESE REALLY ARE COOL!

Practical Life: Transfer with a Spoon ≈≈

Montessori Services Practical Life Activities Review and Giveaway!

Practical life, spooning is from left to right. This helps with motor skills and teaches discipline. Repeating the activity several times builds the discipline to focus and sit still while achieving the task at hand.

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Have fun developing fine motor skills balancing marbles on golf tees in pieces of foam. Pink and Green Mama: Preschool At Home: Marbles and Golf Tee Game

How to assemble a flash light - #Montessori #practicallife activity for kids that develops fine motor skills and teaches about flashlights and battery polarity || Gift of Curiosity

Practical life activity: How to assemble a flashlight (for kids)

How to assemble a flashlight - a simple practical life activity for kids! This was THE most popular activity on our Montessori shelves for a couple of weeks.

Current Craft Activities - at Five Years Old

Current Craft Activities - at Five Years Old (how we montessori)