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Let's make girls feel better by naming our clothing after an unkind name they will likely be called at school! Cha-ching!

'How happy can a chubby girl be?' Sexist ads from Mad Men era target women who have lost their 'sleek appeal'

Vintage ad for Chubbettes plus size girls' clothing asks, "How happy can a chubby girl be?

Lysol for feminine hygiene vintage ad

he'd rather live with a psychotic, shopaholic garbage and cat hoarder, than spend another minute with your lysol-less cooch. The insanity and idiocy of this whole ad is almost beyond parody.

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It doesn't matter if there's a Renoir over the fireplace, and a gold-plated statue in every room.  If your toilet paper sucks, then, apparently, so do you.

Of course she put out the cheap ass wipe for the neighbouring gossiping nasty women, she's got the good stuff for her pretty little booty.

It's Audacious! ad Van Heusen Shirts 1949

You'll never know what results you'll get until you try....

Life Magazine 1949

It's Audacious! 1949 Van Heusen Shirt Ad # illustration advertising # old ads # sexist ads # ads ads ads commercial

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18 Unbelievably Sexist Vintage Ads