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amazing #typographic portraits in which text and #typeface are used to develop a…

35 Brilliant Examples Of Typographic Portraits

Character inspiration @heywriters #poc #woc #black

sidibeauty: Sidi BeautyMaasai inspired :)Necklace, headweap and scarf by me.IG:kingkesiaPhoto credits: BGKI - the website to view fashionable & stylish black girls shopBGKI today



Artists Pay Tribute to Wes Anderson Films - My Modern Metropolis

Artists Pay Tribute to Wes Anderson Films

We aim to take design one step further. That means testing new materials and solutions to give you the best products for your home.

Clara Guasch, IKEA's raw material specialist speaks about IKEA PS collection

jiliallen: “ New word art x ‘patience’ x ” nice! i love the meditation on “patience” ….i could use to follow this example :)

It hurts….Love No floating hearts No turtle doves Who said love is good Was fooled. She’s been smashed Into pieces Hurt has ruled Promises broken Endearments once spoken I…

what beautiful "blue eyes" you have! ;)

neilalvin: kurlykinkykeekeers: afro-art-chick: “Jewel Afrique”- Fashion Photography by Lyndah Wells

Unique African Patchwork Collar Handmade fabric by…

Unique African Patchwork Collar, Handmade fabric neckwear, Colorful Tribal Bib necklace, One of a Kind statement piece


Banksy Detroit Serena - Poignant yet simple message, the notorious artist makes an important point, on how the world has changed and we now have concrete and breaks rather than trees;