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To see more of Dusan's work, click on this image to go to Fineartmerica.  I feel that you will be amazed at his fine oil paintings.  He is truly a master of what he does.

Artwork for sale by Dusan Vukovic. Dusan Vukovic was born in Brcko (Bosnia), 1957 th year. He graduated from the Sarajevo Academy of Fi.

This is brilliant! A drawing of Gaspode the wonder dog from Discworld books. That is so how I picture him in my head (except perhaps he is scrawnier in my head!) the expression is spot on

A drawing of Gaspode the talking dog from Discworld books. When Death & The Death of Rats have their conversation about what the Death of Rats should ride, I always thought Gaspode would be a perfect fit :)


~Cockadoodledoo ♥ Love to hear the roosters crowing in the morning~

rooster paintings | Rooster painting 2 by *Reptangle on deviantART:

The magically talented M. Pena does it again with another exquisite rooster!

My suggestion for a chicken breed (what I would get if I had time to care for one more living creature on top of my spouse, daughter, three cats, two fish, a garden and a myriad of houseplants). Orpington rooster -  friendly - not flighty and good in cold weather.

I saw this photo of an Orpington Crele Legbar on a well-known auction site recently and just fell in love with it! The details stated that the seller was making 6 eggs from this award winning bird available for auction as a limited offer and may.

"The Lunar New Year is called the Year of the Fire Rooster"

Yes in Chinese Years 2017 is the year of the Rooster and we thought it best to fluff our feathers in case your want to get your cockfighting game on fleek for 2017 here is some bird inspo for you W…