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新宿パークタワー (235m 52fl, 1994)- 丹下健三

新宿パークタワー (235m 52fl, 1994)- 丹下健三

Amazing Snaps: Waterfall Building Cocooned Skyscraper Hong Kong. | See more

Pinner said "Waterfall Building Cocooned Skyscraper Hong Kong" This looks like one of my Mine Craft Buildings come to life. After a bit of research it looks like the building is cocooned in in bamboo scaffolding and wrapping.


Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Route 5 Ikebukuro Line with sakura

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Copyright: Marko Mozetic

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Copyright: Marko Mozetic (This picture shows Shinjuku station in Togo representing the city lights and wondrous Architecture 👏🏽

Highway system running straight through Tokyo. I long to be back in Japan every time I have to drive through New York City.

Drive-Thru Office: Osaka Japan’s Gate Tower Building


Sangen-jaya IC, Tokyo-Setagayaku

Sangen-jaya IC, Tokyo-Setagayaku

Famous Azabu-juban festival from above! Roppongi Tokyo Japan by Thomas V.

Famous Azabu-juban festival is held yearly right beneath a highway crossing.