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No Game, No Life Zero Anime Film's 1st Promo Video Teases Millennia-Old Story

heels jpeg_artifacts loli mecha_musume naked no_game_no_life shuvi_(no_game_no_life) thighhighs weapon wings

asymmetric gloves asymmetrical legwear bisonbison black gloves brown eyes drooling elbow gloves gloves heart jibril (no game no life) long hair navel no game no life pink hair solo spoken heart white wings wings

No Game No Life:Zero 2017/7/15

No Game No Life: Zero công bố hình ảnh mới về dàn diễn viên

Izuna | No Game No Life

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Shiro no game no life

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18485668_1237470063039579_4941324270240787234_n.jpg (831×894)

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Her name is Marigold Hana, she'll be her the Mosaic Princess of Zerrix's apprentice I agreed she's not too sexy, boo.

Sooo nice!

Vẽ Và Xả Ảnh :))) - Ava

I like the colors of this piece i dont know who the original owner is