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Deadpool 2: What We Know

Deadpool 2 Begins shooting this summer for summer 2018 release starring Ryan Reynolds as the iconic Merc with the Mouth.

Dead pool  or Death stroke

We’ve seen some awesome battles here: Penguin vs Joker, Poison Ivy vs Catwoman, Riddler vs Scarecrow, and the latest Harley Quinn vs Duela Dent.

'Deadpool 2' Gets Premier Date

Simon Kinberg: 'Deadpool Script Almost Ready, Filming to Begin in 2017

Josh Brolin será Cable en Deadpool 2

After 11 years in development hell, and a seemingly never-ending cycle of rumors and confirmations, FOX Studios finally gave everyone the Deadpool movie fans were begging for. Deadpool stars Ryan R…

Moon Knight vs Batman

In this sensational slugfest we have two men who have way to much money and time on their hands. Crusaders by night and billionaires by day, but efore we

What Logan Would Actually Be Like As An Old Man In The Real World http://ift.tt/2lYcUBC

Old Man Logan SPOILER ALERT! This weeks Old Man Logan was a nice surprise. Old Man Logan meets Kate Bishop A.