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"Is this a nightmare or is this real?" This is where they were now: Nightmares were real. There was no difference between dreams and reality when they stood here in Cabeswater together.

stephenmcnallyphotography: “ My Whirling Mind Going Round and Round Shouting and Screaming Enjoyment ”

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I rubbed my eyes, not believing what I just saw. And surprisingly, it worked. All that was there was a shopping cart. But why did I feel deep down that the headless person was there?

Source: some-where-in-brooklynn on tumblr

Photo by W. Eugene Smith - "Love", a streetsign in a poor Black district. "She lives on Love Street"

CCTV-what's the world coming to???-THIS !!! Cameras everywhere

Mobstr is a London based street artist who is famous with his protest street art.Check 10 Most Sarcastic Street Art Examples By Mobst

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"whiskey voices, black & grey tattoos, electroclash, lee falks the phantom and horror photography delights my soul"


(Closed RP) A gaurd spots a rebel approaching and points their gun at them." He shouts. You come up behind the rebel, shooting him in the chest. The rebel smirks and they continue forward.

Robert Misrach | lukewarmtasos

Robert Misrach

Richard Misrach, Diving Board, Salton Sea, This print adorns one wall of my bedroom and I find myself staring at it for unreasonably long periods of time. It's as if I've taken a dive into the abyss as well.

I'm watching Hoarders on TV right now.  This would be a good picture to paint on the ceiling in a room of a hoarder's house.

Creative Ceiling Art in a Smoking Room detail . This was designed by the Indian firm, Everest Branding Solutions for client Cancer Patients Aid Association(CPAA).