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When you see it - Worst nightmare - http://jokideo.com/when-you-see-it-worst-nightmare/

Creepiest Photobombs -creepy, but some are hilarious too (a photobomb is when someone hops into the background of your pic on purpose usually to be funny or malicious)

Hidden stairs are cool until...

You Will Never Be This Creeped Out By Anything In Your House

Funny pictures about A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until. Oh, and cool pics about A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until. Also, A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until.

When you see it - School dance - http://jokideo.com/when-you-see-it-school-dance/

24 Signs You've Been Single For Too Long

my life right here. the sad thing is I really did this at prom.



I've seen a lot of awkward photos, people…these may be the worst ever. so bad that I can't even tell if they are real or not but they are hilarious anyways.


Ces 32 farces sont aussi horribles qu'elles sont géniales.

Funny Text Of The Day

Funny Text Of The Day ~ OMG I was going crazy XD Cuz you know when you're reading/watching something really long, you can't wait for it to be over, but ya still wanna see everything.

WHEN U SEE IT!! lol love these

I saw this pin ten times before I realized that the brides maids weren't little people at how you refer to them I'm sorry I hope I'm not being offensive

When you see it.. - http://jokideo.com/when-you-see-it/

18 Hilarious Photobombs - photobombs, photobomb

Look very closely. (I'm normally opposed to these acronyms but thought this was funny.and a little creepy?more creepy than funny)

Weird news: By Katie Mcdonough NASA sends the Mona Lisa to the moon via laser NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter creates gravitational maps, spots space trash -- and showcases famous art (VIDEO)   ... www.salon.com

Weird news: NASA sends the Mona Lisa to the moon via laser

The Mona Lisa,(also known as Monna Lisa or La Gioconda in Italian and La Joconde in French) painted by Leonardo Da Vinci Medium: Oil on Poplar Location: The Louvre Museum (also known as Musée du Louvre) in Paris

Click into the image to see it bigger. This is a table of human development of the chakras. I did not invent this table, you can find it here (the original text is in russian but you could put it i...

Chakras: 7 year development life-cycles

The Seven Year Cycle of Development. The table was designed to gives a graphic illustration of the seven year cycle of human development according to the Vedic Treaties Chakravidya. created by Konstantin

A Rabbi's commentary on the value of literature, such as "The Da Vinci Code" (click) - excellent!!

'The Da Vinci Code' - Dan Brown. Loved the book. Thought the movie could have been better.

MLM tips are commonly found throughout the internet. But most of it is not very valuable information…

How to Grow your Online Business Opportunity 10 Business Lessons to Learn from Baseball PT + 3

Elevador da St.Justa Lisbon, PORTUGAL (designed by Gustave Eiffel)

long cue for this but fun. don't bother paying extra for top view can see plenty when you get up there.Justa Lisbon, PORTUGAL (designed by Gustave Eiffel)