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This tells you everything you need to know about Trump, Republicans, and everyone who votes for them.

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company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump's casino empire in the last 30 years." CNN Money (New York) August 2015

I'm a liberal democrat but exploiting these two and people like them is inhumane and morally offensive beyond words.A majority of the people who have the intellectual compacity to be held accountable for electing Donald Trump look like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.Please don't trade your compassion for your passion, or you will be just like them...

READ ME: It's ironic that the same liberals saying "love Trumps hate" are the same ones exploiting these people to attack Trump and his supporters.

RL      2 Cheap, Bigoted, Racist Old Farts!

In England, 'pence' means 'penny,' and 'trump' means 'fart. They're running the Cheap Fart ticket, and London is laughing. This is the worst reality tv show ever.