In the city of Rikuzentakata, a single pine tree stands as a testament to survival after the tsunami of 2011. This beer’s name means “One Pine Tree” and its design is a symbol of charity and hope for Japan’s brighter future. A scroll-like, handwritten label seals the top with its story written on the inside. The label is a solitary pine made of three triangles facing up, symbolizing the wish for progress in the reconstruction efforts.

Ippon Matsu Beer, The Dieline :: designed by Kota Kobayashi :: "a single pine tree stands as a testament to survival after the tsunami of “One Pine Tree", symbol of charity, hope and the wish for progress


Introducing our most recent branding and packaging design project: Slingshot Coffee Co. This Raleigh, NC .

Hiut Denim

Bedow — for Danish brewery Mikkeller. This Wild Winter Ale is the fourth in a series of four seasonal beers released during The label is printed with a heat sensitive color — when the label gets warm the apple tree loses its leaves.



Logo and packaging with frosted plastic and illustrative detail by Mousegraphics for Hygeia Group's new skincare line Beatific.

Looks like some old sweater vest from the 70's.... I DIG!!  design work life » cataloging inspiration daily

Haven't hade the beer yet but the cans are pretty. (Hilliard’s Brewery A new craft brewery in Seattle by Mint design.

Advertisement   内容を知らずに見た目で買い物する、通称「ジャケット買い」。ブランドや商品コンセプトをうまく取り入れた素敵なパッケージデザインは、思わず手に取りたくなってしまうから不思議です。 & …


A showcase of the packaging and branding design for Spanish sangria company, Lolea.

Cerveceria Sagrada, Mexican Craft Beer (I love the luchador masks).

Cervecería Sagrada, Mexican Craft Beer

"Black King" Imperial Stout, "Blond Gomez" Lager and "The Vampire's Son" Red Ale." Designed by José Guízar, Mexico

Mac's Brewery #packaging #design

Mac's Brewery

Packaging - Mac's Brewery - "Really fun design by Shine for Mac's Brewery. The textured bottle is a nice touch.

not sure why but this made me think of you @Chad Blevins

(vía Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Prescription Pilsner (Student Work)) // color blocking