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Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Original pinner: "Is it too early to tell all of my friends who haven't watched 'Sherlock': "This is Benedict Cumberbatch. I loved him before Star Trek."?" Me: No. But for me--This is Sherlock Holmes, and I've loved the man on the written page for decades. He (and Jeremy Brett before him) just add more fuel to the imagination's fire.

Sherlock realizing he hurt Molly when he meant to help her. His face is so fucking adorable it's like a little puppy face Awww I can't

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tenlittlebirds: Because reading is one of the...

|| martin freeman + benedict cumberbatch - seriously though, these two have the best friendship ||

hahaha I love how martin is all serious and sincere when talking about Benedict. And Benedict is just like, "yeah, Martin's a goof." I love the middle one on the right. I love that they're still big kids.

This is probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I knew no boundaries between simply hot or sexy hot until I viewed this picture.

A Basic Guide To Benedict Cumberbatch, not to be confused with other english actors with funny last names. And John is not his boyfriend.

Benedict Cumberbatch! The greatest named human in history playing one of my all time favourite characters BRILLIANTLY

Any Sherlock fans out there?

The greatest named human in history playing one of my all time favourite characters BRILLIANTLY <<<<< I need this quote on my bedroom wall

Benedict Sockerbatch. He's so freaking cute when he talks about socks. --I STILL WISH THEY USED THE SHOWER SCENE THOUGH!!

Benedict Sockerbatch…

Benedict Cumberbatch's glow in the dark socks. i swear i love glow in the dark things

Barflesnap Crumpleface... The thing is though, that he doesn't real aim for fame

Poor Benedict Cumberbatch Previous pinners: Haha yes. No one remembers his name is really Bootysmack Chickenstrip <--- pinning for the comment.