thank you soooo much for reminding me . now let me re-watch the episodes and cry again for the time


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Seriously, though. This is a weird coincidence. I mean, how many guys are going to buy those shirts??<---Exactly! (I don't know which board to pin this too!!)

"Zachary Quinto and Martin Freeman go shopping together and buy matching outfits just to mess with Benedict's mind." <----- really funny comment.

I'm trying to figure out if this is a joke or if people are taking this seriously.

It’s becoming difficult to tell whether or not this is a joke. Please, make me stop laughing. Think I can even die right now IF I DON'T STOP LAUGHING.

Bow down to the genius Mofftiss trolling.

Yeah, this is hilarious, you've driven 2 fandoms out of their minds!<<<< We all sit in front of our devices with foamy mouths and re-watch Sherlock episodes babbling on about the Reichenbach Fall.

I just realized that the Doctor can watch all of Sherlock that has yet to be made. Well, now I have another reason for wanting to find that blue box.

I laughed at this. And I cried, too. This is somewhat true. It really does feel like an eternity waiting for another season of Sherlock.

Sherlock (This made me laugh hard enough to snort since my Dad is the type of person to do this.) <<< that what kiley said and I would say the same thing but my dad is the complete opposite😂❤️

It feels strange having an episode to look forward to

It feels strange having an episode to look forward to, but I guess that feeling will be gone soon.

SHERLOCK SERIES 3 IS ACTUALLY COMING SOON!!!!! AHHHHH!  I had to warn my friend coming to visit me that week...I'll be a mess

< I really love that in that blurb it mentions like so many shows and movies that I love. And it's a blurb about Sherlock.

Doctor Who/Sherlock

yea, I was sad when Sherlock stepped off that roof, but this was funny.I'm obviously more of a Doctor Who fan if I'm not as outraged as some other people --- oh gosh I can't pick