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mediumaevum:  I hope this will help with your reenactments and fanart. :) Anglo-Saxon (600 – 1154): Simple Veils, Head-tires, Combs, and Pin Norman (1066-1154): Couvre-chef, hair uncovered, and extreme length Plantagenet (1154-1399): Wimple, Barbette, Fillet and Crespine Plantagenet (14th century): Horizontal Braiding, Gorget Plantagenet Crespine ( 1364-Late 14th century) Lancaster (1430-1460): Heart-shaped and Turban Headdresses York (1460-1485): Butterfly and Hennin More info and styles at…

Gorget - When a wimple is worn without a veil, pinned over hair coils on the side of the head (Fig.

Victorian ladies valued their hair as one of their most prized possessions. So hairstyles back then were usually very complicated, thick, sometimes even curly  and were done in intricate styles. This is when  bangs were in style.

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16th Century Hair Taping by ~healormor on deviantART

Showing off my hair taping. As a hair style, it's fairly stable, and doesn't have to be messed with too much throughout a day.

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HAIR: I would do the top left one for Nora and the third row down, furthest to the right for Linde, and the top middle one for Helene.

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