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UFO DISCLOSURE This will Scare You!!! (Compilation of UFO Sightings) HD720p, via YouTube.

UFO DISCLOSURE This will Scare You! (Compilation of UFO Sightings) The person(s) that put this together used overly dramatic music and didn't concern themselves about misspellings, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Как НЛО разрушают самые опасные астероиды на Земле (видео) – Новости РуАН

Gibt es geheime Schützer, die Meteore aus dem All zerstören?

n 25th April 1977, the Japanese trawler Zuiyo-maru accidentally hauled up a 10-m-long vertebrate carcass while about 30 miles off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand. They didn’t want to retain the carcass for fear of contaminating their catch, but it was photographed and a few tissue samples were taken before it was discarded.

Zuiyo Maru Monster: April 25 Japanese fishing boat, Zuiyo Maru pulled up this creature off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand. It seemed to resemble a plesiosaur (Jurassic period) however, the creature was found to only have been dead a month.

Mystérieux phénomène lumineux apparu dans le ciel nocturne Norvégien au-dessus de Tromso

This is NASA's infamous Project Blue Beam, kept secret until now. In four infamous steps, the united governments and Alphabet Soups will unleash their infamo.

Atmosphere India Livestream - YouTube

A UFO was caught on the NASA video feed streamed live from the International Space Station on January 15 — but as soon as the mysterious grey object was seen rising over Earth’s horizon, the .

Voici une liste extensive des présidents, astronautes, scientifiques des fusées, physiciens, et officiels de l’armée qui parlent de la vie Extra Terrestre sur Terre ou autour.........DOCUMENT........

Astronaut Gordon Cooper on UFOs -- An Apollo Astronaut recounts his clear close daytime UFO sighting.

1952- Le carrousel de Washington - Actualité 1950-1960

"There Will Be NO Alien Invasion", Project Bluebeam Update, & The Removal Of Reptilians From Earth

The universe is FAKE and we're playthings of advanced civilisation says theory | Daily Mail Online

Is our universe a FAKE? Theory suggests we are living in a simulation

Is our universe FAKE? Physicists claim we could all be the playthings of an advanced civilisation

На Луне обнаружены древние города и старые базы НЛО – Новости РуАН

but you must admit it is weird that the moon spins in such a way as to always face us with one side. THE MOON, an alien UFO base, a satellite that doesn't belong to us.

UFO sighting or military jet?

and Extraterrestrial Orb on Scene of Space X Falcon 9 Rocket June 29

On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren, who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs. Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and made them draw pictures of what they had seen.

African Schoolchildren See Landed UFO and Occupant (Ariel School Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe) - Ruwa, Zimbabwe - September 1994 - UFO Evidence