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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars.*whispers* the carton was pink.and Hazel was in the car because "vandalism makes [her] nervous" (understandably). haha, this is what happens when you read the book then immediately look at movie stuff


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The Fault In Our Stars

A great picture with the best sentences of the best book and movie ever! fault in our stars

the fault in our stars quotes handmade

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the movie portrayed the book. A must read and see, if you ask me. The Fault In Our Stars Quotes White by TheUptownGirlDesigns

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations. ~John Green, The Fault In Our Stars~

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19 Jokes Only “The Fault In Our Stars” Fans Will Understand…. This is soooo funny. Shouldn't be laughing lol

19 Jokes Only “The Fault In Our Stars” Fans Will Understand… you also must watch or read the book once u do u will understand. See I may have watched and read the book and movie a little over 5 times. This pin is too funny 😂