1920s Caillot Soeurs

The beauty! Embroidered pink silk satin evening dress with chiffon yoke (back), by Callot Soeurs, French, Women's vintage flapper fashion history clothing outfit

Lady Duff Gordon. Gorgeous for a wedding dress!

You can see the support structure for this "Robe de Style." So reminiscent of century fashion, but so modern as well.**yes almost looks like panniers

bộ váy được thiết kế bởi ntk Callot Souers vào năm 1900,bộ váy được thiết kế rất cầu kì nhất là ở phần cổ (loại ảnh: product)

1908 reconstructed/restored Callot Soeurs evening gown, blue satin with elaborately beaded & embroidered tulle overlays / Kerry Taylor Auctions


Sequin Tabard Dress, Early Black net embroidered w/ blue & black sequins & black bugle beads, L (side tabs torn, missing beads & sequins, hole in net) fair. Description by Augusta Auctions.