Dj Ten - Zioneon (Album Artwork) by Alessandro Strickner

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Future by Cristian M. Ruiz Parra, via Behance AMD - all the glow! all the geometric shapes!

'Dolph Lungren' wallpaper now available for desktop and mobile.Link in bio. by signalnoise

First of several pieces in my Neowave series. Stay tuned for…

80's Abstract New-Wave Art on Behance

This abstract piece by Diego Orta would have been perfect for an Trapper Keeper cover.

Destination Moon / Apollo 11 Flightpath • L-Dopa

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HYPNOSKY-Fill Ryabchikov

This would be a great look for photo shoot for the girls in the band and photoshopping certain elements and bringing out the colours like this.just emphasising eyes and mouth



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How To Create 80s Style Retro Futuristic Neon Artwork

How To Create 80s Style Retro Futuristic Neon Artwork

Inglés Moderno - I Melt With You, Los Cazafantasmas, Hombre de Malvavisco

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Ghostbusters parody album illustration by Rocky Davies