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a man chooses a slave obeys Adhol1982

alice brans posted BioShock t-shirt design. id love to get the chain tattoo to their -geeking- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite DLC)

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite DLC)

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Lost isen't dead, Mr. DeWitt. by T-T-F

I'm surprised I haven't drawn Elizabeth sooner, 'cause after Bioshock Infinite I've developed an unhealthy love for her (and then Burial at Sea lef.


BIOSHOCK: From Columbia to Rapture with Eddy Shinjuku — GeekTyrant-- This is actually really, really good.

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Bioshock Infinite by AlexGarner

Bioshock Infinite/The Saturday Evening Post cover parody by Alex Garner

Awwww happy belated B-day Booker!!!! (April 19th)

shroedinger: Just a small morning doodle, it was Booker’s birthday yesterday. Done in a hurry because I need to run in 10 minutes. I enjoy drawing fanart of this game more than enjoyed the game itself, how does that even work.

Bioshock Infinite (Elizabeth) by William Henry

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth poster by William Henry Prints available on Etsy at Goes perfectly with my Booker Dewitt Bioshock Infinite poster, ——— View my portfolio at.