Tom Hardy for Esquire | May 2014

Well, stalking is a big word. I'm just admiring this rare incarnation of beauty and manliness all in one fine looking Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy | Taboo

Tom Hardy on the set of “Taboo” Edits from the pics published by “The Sun”

Tom Hardy Blows Up

The Moment Tom Hardy Woke Up—and Became Hollywood's Most Explosive Actor

A shirtless Tom Hardy delivers a cheeky grin as he sports a wool hat and black denim jeans by Gucci.

Tom Hardy 50 cent instagram dubsmash

Well, now you can add Tom Hardy lip-synching to the list of things you never knew you needed to see. He lip-synchs everything from

tom hardy | Tumblr

This unscheduled Hardy Friday post brought to you by tattoos and sex hair.

Tom Hardy - Venom | On location January, 2018.

Tom Hardy - Venom | On location January, 2018.

"A lot of people say I seem masculine, but I don’t feel it. I feel intrinsically feminine.

#tomhardy just can't get enough!

HOT GUYS! - Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy So this guy has a beautiful face, perfect body, covered in tattoos, & to top it all off he's BRITISH!

Tom Hardy's collarbone & trapezius tats are rad....among other things. Still trying to persuade Phil to get one...

Tom Hardy's collarbone & trapezius tats are rad. Still trying to persuade Phil to get one.

Tom Hardy  Google Image Result for

Oh My Damn, You Fine! 10 Men Whose Good Looks Snuck Up On Us

Tom Hardy - The man behind the Bane mask. Those lips should never be covered by a mask again. And all those tattoos! What a sexy boy.

oh tom hardy, ravage me now.

I promise to stop posting shirtless pics of Tom Hardy, as soon as I get over my random obession! I totally understand keep posting them lol I just watched lawless and damn!

Union Jack

A Guide to Tom Hardy's Tattoos

We're not sure what's sexier: Tom Hardy's tattoos or his smokin' body. Tom Hardy's tats honor the people in his life that are most important to him, and remind him .