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Bullying someone because they are gay would be no different than bullying someone because they were born with no legs. Ridiculous. God made us all JUST as he intended us to be. Don't be cruel because you don't understand. Educate and be kind.

Bullying is unbearable especially for kids at a very young age. It does not have to be physical contact, words or actions can hurts inside and out to the point that you feel discomfort.

15 Bible verses about bullying

15 Bible verses about bullying<<< Im going to use the John verse against my friend's homophobe dad!

Rip  Maisy  i love  you and i know your in a better place  and always looking down  on me and your brother max

A Pet's Peace Miss you so much Abbi girl! I'll always love you and never forget you. Please keep your wings around me, gram, granddaddy, and brother! Love you sweet girl! Until we meet again Abbi Gayle

Bullied as an Adult , Body expressions.

Bullied as an Adult , Body expressions.

amanda todd | amanda-todd | Anti-bullying. In memory of Amanda Todd! This is a subject that is really bothers my heart. Parents! Please pay attention to WHAT your children are saying and doing! Don't turn a blind eye or brush it off.

Amanda Todd~Committed Suicide Because Of Bullying. This verse reminds me of Matthew "Why pluck the speck of sawdust out of your brothers eye but not notice the log in your own eye?