The orange handwritten type plays into the vernacular of fish stand signs which marries well with the imagery. The manipulation of the fish to look like an orange peel brings the color and movement together well. The poster is well balanced too.

Semana do Onze 2014 | Event | HALFAZEBRA

Mixed Typography, Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration Semana do Onze 2014 Poster Submitted by Halfazebra Studio.

Типичный дизайнер

I know of way too many people that think plugging things into an app or clicking a button in Photoshop is design. Don't get me wrong, these things are handy and cool but it doesn't make you a designer.

Awdee. Графический дизайн

30 Creative Examples of Typography Posters Design. There are many effects that you can add to your typography designs, such as lighting, texture, illustration and many more. You can make truly inspirational posters with these wonderful typography designs.


Art of the Menu – 10 of the Most Inspiring Menu & Restaurant Brandings I like the contrast of the brown paper and the highlights of color

Облака в графическом дизайне

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The play on words is interesting. Moonshine exhibition poster (Gallery Nucleus) by Jon Klassen

#ArikRadio #음악#쉼#악보

Creative image by Dios de Jacob. Açık Sheet Music Montage — Coney Island 1950 (by Harold Feinstein)