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Roger Waters. we have seen him three times. twice for the Wall and once for Dark Side.

Roger Waters - bass player and singer for Pink Floyd. Genius who wrote their masterpiece, "The Wall.

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) - San Antonio 07/17

The bass strings are much thicker and the frets are farther apart so there are some things you should know.

Roger Waters; Pink Floyd; Japan/Japão; Kanagawa; Hakone Aphrodite; August 6th 1971/6 de agosto de 1971.

Jennifer // Midwest, USA // David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, etc.

"I always used to look at books and wonder how anybody could come up with so many words.  But my divorce and then falling in love with somebody else released in me an ability to write in other ways apart from songs."  Roger Waters

Roger Waters - Although very famous as a lyricist and activist I find he is quite underrated as a bass player. Especially considering how crucial many of his riffs were.