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Kendall k Vertes @kk22xo Instagram photos | Websta

Kendall, Chloe, Maddie, and Sarah hanging out(: I love how close the new team and original team are despite the fact that they're constantly compared and put against each other❤️

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"I'm Kendall call me Kk I'm 15 and single i dance at aldc my bffs are KENZ Brynn and Madds"(bi)

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Chl☀️e Lukasiak @chloelukasiak33 Instagram photos | Websta

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Rebecca Davies on Instagram: “When you go through your phone to make more room for storage and you find hundreds of selfies. Cheers @officialmackzmusic @maddieziegler @kk22xo that's very helpful. Ps its ALL about @itskamrynbeck4 in the background HAHAHAHAHA” Credit ♥Dancemoms luver♥

Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler with Kendall Vertes ♥️Added by Grace White♥️