Most of the times its the Mother & baby photos.once in a while a Father photo is as touching. Father kissing his newborn baby's little toes.

Leo represents the paternal instinct

Father and sons. Take the time to tell your loved one that you love him and take your family to the beach to enjoy a day out and get a little TLC.


Só porque eu quis

Dear future Husband, my heart would melt to wake up in the morning and see you like this with our daughter!


This made me smile! (and actually laugh out loud a little- mostly b/c I can TOTALLY! see my kid doing this to his sister!

from phototutsplus-- ways to improve family photography

Potty Training Tips. Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Potty Training Questions: What age should I start potty training? How many times should my toddler pee in a day? How long should I leave my toddler on the potty? What potty is best for potty training?

Para se inspirar!!!! Modelos Divos de Bodies e Calcinhas (Bunda Rica) para vocês ter ideias e inspirações para customizar.Com combinações e cores de deixar o queixo caído. Um mais lindo que o outro!!!Calcinhas Bunda Rica: Bodies Customizado:

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