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Sculptor and welder Cal Lane

Artist and welder Cal Lane burns delicate lace like patterns into reclaimed steel objects such as shovels, dumpters and even oil tanks and submarines.

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that is an oil drum, plasma-cut by amazing metal artist cal lane.

Artist, Cal Lane -sculpture, plasma-cutter. Functional objects such as shovels, wheelbarrows, oil cans, and I-beams, otherwise viewed in an industrial context, are subverted and elevated to the status of high art when transformed by plasma cutter and oxyacetylene torch into lacy sculptures

Available for sale from Art Mûr, Cal Lane, Untitled (Wheelbarrow) Plasma-cut wheelbarrow, 150 × 61 × cm

Cal Lane-amazingly beautiful work...

This Canadian sculptor, makes of lace all kinds of metal items such as wheelbarrows, cans, shovels, etc and everything to blow torch.