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Wizards Vestments

Imagine this in leather that has been mink oiled. This is a rain coat for the middle ages! simple pattern as well.

Meet Some of the Terrifying New D&D Monsters in the New Tome of Beasts

Meet Some of the Terrifying New D&D Monsters in the New Tome of Beasts

Wizard Robes | Wizard Robe - Large, LARP Inn

Robe in cotton velour, that has a fine matt surface. The Wizard Robe model is a classic model, as they are known and worn in academies and towers all over the disk.

Staff - A Holy weapon that strikes as a flail.  Victims struck by this weapon must save versus wielder's level or risk being completely immobilized for 1 - 50 turns.  A critical strike may result in complete catatonic state of the victim requiring only the most skilled of magic to revive them.

if the stone can withstand impact, or if the staff is able to form a forcefield around it, then this is perfect. I also assume that the staff is gilded, not a big chunk of gold.

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