princess margaret | Diana with Princess Margaret at James Ogilvy's wedding 1988 by judy

Princess Diana with husband Prince Charles Aunt Princess Margaret at James Ogilvy's wedding 1988

Princess Diana

The late Lady Diana Spencer, often called ' Lady Di', married British Prince Charles and became Princess Diana of Wales.

A very rare picture of baby Lady Diana Spencer (later Princess Diana of Wales wife of Prince Charles) with her mother and her older sisters, Sarah and Jane. Description from I searched for this on

Perhaps the most famous thing about bulimia is that it was the princess Diana eating disorder .

A silky yellow bow? Yes please! The late Princess Diana is giving us major Easter style inspiration in this rarely-seen photograph of the royal. : Kele Cooper/PA  via INSTYLE MAGAZINE OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM - Fashion Campaigns  Haute Couture  Advertising  Editorial Photography  Magazine Cover Designs  Supermodels  Runway Models

July Lady Diana visits the Chershire regiment of which the Prince is Colonel-in-Chief. Lady Diana chatted to the army wives and their children: They receive the Prince of Wales feather as a wedding gift as they leave.


August Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William & Prince Charles attend the commemoration of VJ Day in London. Princess Diana looks so happy 😁 in this photograph!

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