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App design is about clarity

App design is about clarity

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“Chatbots are eating the world” 😀. “Chat UIs & Interaction Design” is published by Emma Drews in Inspiration Supply

Student: Hewlett Packard - N°564 - The Dieline - A pretty funny set of packaging playing on how expensive printer ink is.

Student: Hewlett Packard - N°564

Alexander Wang | Redesign Concept on Web Design Served

Personal projects are fun, we all know that. They give us all the freedom to try things that would be more difficult if we had to consider all the constraints of a real project.

Works show by Charles Tsai

Works show

Works show by Charles Tsai

This is an old work of me. I designed this app in early 2014, but I believe it still looks modern and fresh. Glimpse of the overall process of the app is here now, more will come soon.  Hope you li...

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