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I cant tell wether this is Harry and Draco or Albus and Scorbus so idk if i should put this on my drarry board or my scorbus board hELP ME

"We have a reputation to care for. Mess with it and there would be no more snogging.

I love their relationship

I'm pretty sure Draco has, like, a tee with a list about things he hates in Harry on it.

If you got the reference raise your hand *slowly raises hand*

Sorry for the Drarry spam, but I'll go down with this ship (Try Not To Laugh Harry Potter)

I don’t ship it but you know I kind of have to now

The Problem with Portraits by red_rahlJuly 2009 (colored version) December 2008 (lineart for hump-day-smut) [[MORE]]

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Draco and Harry

Malfoy - Lucius, Draco and Scorpius from HarryPotterSeries Interesting things were said in the conversations between me and my friend when I was drawing this days ago (⌒▽⌒&.