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Ezra is not good with complimenting

actionables: “ romance is alive ”

What do you like? Murder

dominic to clementine she likes murder

“You stole a police cruiser with a person in it. And you fled from the cops. And you boned a slutty, straight guy who only wanted to use you for sex. And you did something kind of bad, you guess.”

Mad would be the grey text.

Ngl this might be how Aryn and Azami meet. Him trying to pull all the charm and her going "tf?? what do you want me to say??"

Ngl this might be how Aryn and Azami meet. Him trying to pull all the charm and her going "tf?

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never mind I'm in love again he told me he had a dream and I was in it and I posted a cute lil vid of me on my story and he sent some heart eyes and said he was trying to wife me

mikah is purple and keiki is grey lmfao

Regenerate http://archiveofourown.org/works/655507/chapters/1194314

cutest text ever ♡

bippity boopity back the fuck uppity

bippity boopity back uppity

well thats depressing. Kale: no. I mean it literally. Alex will freak out if my knee even touches theirs when theyre awake. Kale: but when they sleep and were on the same bed they end up cuddling me and it iS SO DAMN CUTE AHHHHH


Ctfuuu me asfff , i accept 😅😅

ha! who even knows anymore

heyyy i'm a trans boy!

"I thought you didn't do drugs." "I said accidentally." "You're such a mess."

A text message between Gansey and Ronan, probably

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(texts for Little)


"I'm always a slut for Greek myths" text message

Keep Calm And Love Dogs

Keep Calm And Love Dogs

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Keep calm and be 100 fabulous love love quotes quotes quote keep calm fabulous…