Sailor-Neptune-Michiru-Kaiou-330.jpg (268×492)

Sailor-Neptune-Michiru-Kaiou-330.jpg (268×492)

New official Sailor Moon cosplay costume! More info and shopping links here

Sailor Moon Costume Shopping Guide

Pleats appear to be sewn down? And material is a shinier style, with more structured/accurate-looking bows, than the non-deluxe version. go check out her art she's amazing

Hello, my name is professor Ford, and welcome to Gravity falls! This town is inhabited by many creatures just waiting to be discovered, can you help me fill up my journals?


She's shy, bit naive but kind. Cautious, skittish (since once her father returned while her mother was out and attacked her, making her swear not to tell and never was seen again) She's a model