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Nadel Gefilzte Vogel. Rote Leitung Vulture. von darialvovsky

one easily can confuse. It is crafted carefully out of Alpaca, and merino sheep fiber, silk and it is not a toy, as a living bird

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Handmade Felt / / Shi Tzu / Dog Mutt, Custom Dog Needle Felted Animal, Animal, Stocking Stuffer by on Etsy

Gekleidet Maus/Bunny Nadel Felted Tier Klasse erstellen sowohl die Hase und Maus von Barby Anderson (Kit Available und separat verkauft) auf Etsy, 33,46 €

Dressed Mouse/Bunny Class Needle Felted Animal Class create BOTH the Bunny and Mouse By Barby Anderson (Kit Available and sold separately)

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by Jacqui Wickendenm mohair, border terrier pup! my grandparents have one of their dog, corky.great for when she's gone!