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At Ales Stenar, Sverige.

Longing by Jackknife-Jerry

Vikings History- That neckline detail is incredible

King Harald Finehair and his younger brother Halfdan the Black, Scandinavian warriors and potential threat to Ragnar in Vikings Season

Viking Hat Warm Norse Wool and Coyote Fur by ThePracticalViking

Viking Hat~ Warm Norse Wool and Coyote Fur Hat~ Viking Reenactor Hat~ Rus Viking…

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image: http://urd.priv.no/viking/smokkr.html, http://www.darkcompany.ca/beads/beads.php, http://www.medieval-baltic.us/vikbuckle.html,http://medieval-baltic.us/bau-loops.pdf

Apron dress - looks like it is a fully sewn dress (tube) with a separate front…